Mega-Steam Tips & Tricks

Not all of our smoke scents were designed to be used only in a locomotive. Here's some tips, tricks & suggestions for using our Mega-Steam specialty scents.

  • Forest & Stream, Spring- use in smoking chimneys, campfire accessories in forested, mountainous areas of your layout.
  • Cut Grass- use in smoking chimneys, campfire accessories in suburban or open country areas of your layout.
  • Apple Harvest, Orange- have an orchard on your layout? This would work perfectly.
  • Frying Bacon, Baking Bread, Coffee- use in smoking diners/ restaurants/ houses, ect.
  • Fireplace, Hickory Wood, Wood Stove- use in smoking chimneys in houses, campfire accessories, wood burning locomotives.
  • Lumber Mill- I designed this scent for an early user of Mega-Steam who has modeled a logging railroad with a custom built sawmill with a built in smoking chimney. I thought a sawdust scented smoke would be excellent. The coal makes the steam locos smell right and the sawdust makes the mill area smell idea.
Safety Tips

The following goes for ALL smoke fluids, not just Mega-Steam. Remember these when running the smoke units in your locos and accessories.
  • Have some kind of ventilation for your train room.
  • The general rule: if you can't see through the smoke in the room, there's too much.
  • Be careful filling your smoke units as per their instructions, NEVER overfill!!!
  • Store smoke fluid bottles in their upright position.
  • Although most fluids are non-toxic, it's not the best thing to ingest. DON'T DRINK IT!!!
  • Although the fluid may smell tasty, it's not. DON'T DRINK IT!!!
  • The above especially goes for the food & sweet scented fluids.
  • Do not use smoke units around people or children w/ asthma or other respiritory sensitivites.
  • Keep any smoke fluid away from children.