Mega-Steam Testimonials

Received your cedar original scent smoke fluid in the mail today and immediately tried it in my AF#290 steamer.  This stuff is GREAT!!!!!.  My old Flyer steamer has not smoked this great since I first set it up Christmas Day, 1953.  The cedar scent brought back all those great memories of Christmases long ago.  PLEASE keep making this stuff.  It is the best smoke fluid period.....       wgardner1946.
Good Morning,
I recently ordered some of your Steam Liquid in the 'Apple' scent. To be honest-its hard to believe just how much smoke this fluid will make. I'm pretty new at this but yours is the best that I have found. My MTH Locomotive will literally smoke the whole room up.
David H.

I've been using your fluid for a couple of months now and my American Flyer steamers are smoking better than ever.  The more I use your smoke the better the engines smoke.  I've got steamers that I was going to re-build the smoke units due to poor output that are smoking great now using your fluid. The delivery was much faster than I expected.  Great product and great service.


Jim S.


Hello Jeff:
    I thought that I would let you know that I've tried some of the smoke that I recently ordered from you and WOW!  I have to say that your's have to be the best I've tried.  I absolutely love the apple harvest and will be trying the other's here soon.  I will be buying more from you and might ever generate enough interest from other people and possibly order a case.  Thanks again and I have a suggestion for a scent, chocolate!!!!

David G.

I had been looking for some time now for a smoke fluid that would work
in the LGB engine outside, nothing worked including LGB fluid, if you
get down close to the engine you could see it, barely. This stuff is
amazing, smokes well in the LGB and Lionel engines but especially with
the MTH engine, that thing is a real smokehouse, and it doesn't give my
wife headaches like everything else.  Nice job!

Just noticed the bacon and coffee scents, they will be next!



Wow, Jeff sent me a couple samples to give his smoke fluid a try since the dealers around here still have not or will not carry it in my area. I got the Original Cedar and the Bayberry scents, they arrived in a nice and very well packed box to prevent breakage to the extra large bottles of fluid inside. These arrived around 5:50pm Wednesday and I tried the Cedar scent as I brought up the computer to e-mail Jeff a hearty thanks for allowing me to try his smoke fluid.

I really love the smell of the Original Cedar and the smoke output was extremely profuse, even at low speeds, moderate speeds and I could set off my smoke alarm, high speed and it looked like the room was on fire! The bottles are very nice and the extra long eyedroppers are an added benefit for getting the fluid into the smoke reservoir in any locomotive, especially steam loco's!

I will be purchasing a lot more JT Mega Steam in the very near future from Jeff, it is MOST DEFINITELY the BEST SMOKE FLUID on the planet! After using JT's Mega Steam, I doubt I'll be bothered using anything less and all the candle scents I've been using are now going to go to my mother for her "incense burner" or whatever you call those candle holders where you put in fluid to make a room smell nice.

But I prefer the JT Mega Steam, the Original Cedar has a really nice aroma to it and makes our apartment smell very nice. I have not had the opportunity to use the Bayberry scent as yet, but I'm sure it will be just as great as the Cedar.

Just as soon as I can afford to place an order, I'll be sending Jeff a check for quite a few more of the other scents I want to partake in. JT's Mega-Steam is a real winner here and is one that all manufacturers should highly recommend for any smoke unit, profuse smoke at just about any speed and pleasant smell make Mega-Steam a definite plus in my book!

Sorry if this is a little long-winded, but when you find a great product that surpasses all others, I just can't help to show a lot of support and enthusiasm for and toward it as well as the personnel involved, and Jeff is one heck of a guy and real class act to boot!

Again, thanks publicly to Jeff for sending me a sample of his product to give a try in my locos!

BTW: His smoke works excellently in Lar"G"e Scale train smoke units too, these include LGB, Aristo-Craft units (all units) and USA Trains smoke systems.

And once more, thank you for the samples, they've sure sold me on your product! :)


Jeff, I just received the coffee, frying bacon and baking bread scents. These may be your best scents yet! I did a test where I went to the basement and tried the different scents. I asked my kids to come down and identify each scent, which they did without hesitation! I also like the new bottle & dropper combination! The combo is a is a hit! Thanks! John McGrath

PS-Please feel free to use and edit my comments to promote your products!

I must compliment your wonderful product. Up to this point, we have experienced sporadic smoke output from our Lionel locomotives. Well, no more! Our whole fleet, including our one MTH loco, smokes like chimneys! The output is clear, thick, and wonderfully aromatic. FYI-we also tried your product in a Seuthe equipped Marklin HO loco (a 35 year old DB Class 44) with similar results. Thanks again for a super product! Don Winslow & Family, San Mateo, California

Just got my order in of these great smoke fluids. I will highly recommend them to any of you guys that are interested. I have only tried 3 so far, but I like them. I have cedar, coffee and wood stove. It is better than anything else I have tried.

Jeff, A while back you wrote to many of us users asking to use your fluid in PW pellet smokers. I have since been running some in my 671, 675, 681 and 2025 with good results. I have to admit that previously I have at times dabbled with fluid in pellet units with generally good results. The units seem to smoke heavier with the liquid, thus burn it a little faster than a liquid unit, but great volumes of smoke though. I have been running for weeks to make sure of no bad results, like gumming, but I would have to say that the liquid is safe in original Lionel pellet smokers. (these are all original units, also, not been replaced with repro elements). ~Denny~

Your smoke fluid has re-energized my 40 year old '666 Marx steam engine. Haven't seen it puff this way since I was a kid. The dropper also is a great idea to avoid over filling my Lionel steamers. Satisfied customer -
Jim Donathen

Hi Jeff: My smoke fluid arrived today. Just tried it on my Lionel N&W Y6b. Wow this stuff works great and the vanilla smell is pleasant. I will defiantly be ordering more in the very near future. Now I am off to load it up on the rest of the steamer fleet. Please feel free to use my comments on your web page. Thanks for the quick turn around a great product. George Abelli

Hi Jeff, Just wanted to let you know the smoke vials arrived today just in time for Xmas! Excellent ! I just love the Chrismas Candy Cane Scent. I tried some in my Lionel 8024 engine this morning and it really put on a show! Smoke was thick and it hung nicely over the top of the train until the last car passed. We even had some nice smoke rings! Haven't tried the Bayberry Scent yet but it smells great! You're definitely a genius and have developed a fine product! I'm just waiting for my Tyco HO Chatanooga Choo Choo to arrive so I can try some in it. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Emilio Juliano.

Hi Jeff, Great news! Your smoke fluid works just as well in the HO steamers!!! Some work better than others.. Bayberry and Xmas Candy cane are the best. So, I guess you have some proof for advertising and marketing purposes!! Like I said before...You've come up with a great product! Emilio

Jeff, The order arrived today. Just in time too. I used up the last few drops of your Vanilla scent just last night. My 3 1/2 old daughter is going to love the Candy Cane one. With the voluminous smoke output by MTH engines, they certainly need scented smoke. You make a great product. Thanks so, so much for your great service as well--not common these days. It is very much appreciated. Sincerely, Rob Author of "Model Railroading with MTH Electric Trains"

Got it today. That is the best smoking and smelling stuff I have tried yet. My wife didn't know I had the vanilla and wonder what I had her cooking stuff for in the basement. Now if I could just get the smell of burning pine logs in the fireplace for my wife we would be set. anyway It smoked full bore for 10 minutes on one eyedropper full in a MTH proto smoke and didn't bother at all.
GREAT STUFF. now make burning fresh pine logs in the fireplace that smell as real as the vanilla. Dave.

JT, I'm from Stanford University. One of our Aero-astro dept. people is using your product in a wind tunnel as a marker to view air flow around certain foils. Ralph

Hi Jeff, Package arrived today! Wow, that was fast. Tested it out on my Marx 666 and it works just like you said...Nice , thick , realistic trails and long lasting too! Wonderful stuff!!! Thanks. Emo.

Hi Jeff - My Mega-Steam smoke fluid arrived today - it only took three days to get here, Thank you! I was hoping that "Forest and Stream" would be a good choice to use in my MTH operating car wash (which simulates the water with smoke). I'm very pleased with the results. Congratulations on coming up with some wonderful new scents which are not obnoxious like the one which Lionel produces. Ralph Valentine

Jeff, I was finally able to use the coal-fired steamer mega-steam in my MTH Dockside last night. The amount of smoke is GREAT and it comes on much sooner than the MTH Proto Smoke, this is GREAT stuff!!!!! Thanks, Jim Lamkin

I received my order and I must say I am impressed, I have a log home and its now a pleasure to run my smokers, the factory stuff left my beautiful home smelling like a oil refinery, this stuff is GREAT !! Cedar and Vanilla...thanks I'll be ordering soon again...ERNIE.. *******************************************************************************************************

Jeff, I just received the order and naturally went right to the Trains. The Wood Stove scent is great, I have tried it in three of my Smoking Caboose(s), and one Steamer, and it is a great smoke. I will give the Original Cedar a try at the Train Club meeting on Tuesday. *******************************************************************************************************

Hey Mega-steam, I bought a couple of bottles to try in my American Flyer S scale locs,the smoke pours out. I'll send you a couple pics if you respond to this. I sent a few to some guys on the yahoo s-trains list that were interested in your wood scent.They were impressed. Keith *******************************************************************************************************

I've used it in a couple of my pellet type smokers with no problems. your smoke is one of the best on the market i think ,since it works so well in everything ive tried it in,i will be buying more in the glad you invented this stuff,i doesnt annoy your sinuses either... jack *******************************************************************************************************

Hi Jeff, I'm using it in a converted Lionel Pellet smoke unit - it works great!!! Ron *******************************************************************************************************

Jeff Everything I have is the newer smoke units (K-Line, MTH, and Lionel) except the American Flyer S gauge engines. It works great in all of my engines. Paul *******************************************************************************************************

Jeff, the smoke samples arrived today, nice product. the Vanilla and Candy Cane are awesome. Thanks, Ernie *******************************************************************************************************

Your smoke fluid arrived today and it's great. I left you positive feedback with e-bay. Yours is the best smoke fluid I've ever used, it produces just the right smoke effect. It comes out thick and hangs right over the tops of the cars, it's just what I've been looking for. From my burning switch house to the diner to the rocket launcher, it's just the right fluid for me. That being said, I would like to order 6 more bottles of the Vanilla. Let me know the total and I'll send the payment right out. I can't ever see me using anything else. Your smoke puts Lionel's, MTH's and Bachmann's to shame. In the event you ever quit making this great smoke fluid, PLEASE, let someone else know the formula. Thank you. Joseph, Sloan, NY *******************************************************************************************************


Hi Jeff, just a note to let you know your smoke fluids arrived today. As always, their great. You keep making it, I'll keep buying it. Thanks again. JOE *******************************************************************************************************

Jeff, Got my smoke fluid yesterday. It is as always, Great! Please don`t ever stop making this stuff!! Bob Stigall

Hi Jeff Received The smoke Great product great smelling thanks. Hope you keep it available might need some more.Left you positive feed back Glenda *******************************************************************************************************

I just got my bottle of Jeff's smoke and it is GREAT!! I recommend it. George *******************************************************************************************************

Jeff, First thanks for bringing your product to market. As you know us 3 railers have been in need of a product like yours for quite some time... Bob BTW, placed my first order with you today...and before all is done I expect I will have acquired 1 of everything....and probably in 8oz sizes when I'm done. *******************************************************************************************************

Hi everybody, I purchased some of the Mega Smoke from Jeff via. e-bay. When it arrived I tried it out and all I can say is, IT'S GREAT. This stuff comes out thick, lays right over the top of the engine, tender and the first couple of cars and then it's gone. It produced just the type of effect that I like. I then ordered more and will use nothing else for as long as Jeff makes it. With the new scents, the wife doesn't complain and I'm free to smoke up the basement again. Cinnamon is my favorite. This stuff works great in everything I've used it on, from my burning switch house to my rocket gantry to my steam clean station. I haven't tried it on any MTH engines, but all my Lionel engines have been modified and they now use MTH smoke unit elements with MTH wicking and I haven't had any problems at all. Lets face it, MTH makes the better smoke unit. I plan on dropping a bottle off with my dealer the next time I'm out his way, so he can check it out. I would suggest giving it a try... Joe *******************************************************************************************************

Guy's, I purchased about 30 or so of these bottles of smoke fluid about a week or two ago. And it works just great in Lionel fan driven smoke units, and in K-lines fan driven smoke units. I would Highly Recommend anyone using this Smoke Fluid from JT's Mega Smoke and the man is a fast shipper and an Excellent Product. T. *******************************************************************************************************

Excellent product, received test samples from Jeff in Vanilla, Candy Cane and original. The wife really likes the Vanilla, A BIG improvment over normal smoke that comes with the engines. It also produces a lot of smoke. I set the fire alarms off twice. Thanks Jeff, Now I have to put in a circulation Fan Well, I needed to do it anyway *******************************************************************************************************

Just got some Mega Smoke from a local hobby store, had always used the Lionel fluid that came with the trains. This gentleman was showing me his train run with this stuff, and it was blowing smoke like crazy and scented w/ vanilla. Man I had to have some for my new Reading GP-30. Now I am polluting like crazy, and my kids actually come in the room now and say that smells nice. Hope they will try running the trains one day. *******************************************************************************************************

Ive used it in a couple of my pellet types with no problems. Your smoke is one of the best on the market since it works so well in everything ive tried it in. I will be buying more in the future. Im glad you invented this stuff. It doesn't annoy your sinus either. Jack

I have both the Coal and the Diesel and they both add a great deal to my train room, in my opinion. I recommend them highly. *******************************************************************************************************

One word - JTs. They sent me a few bottles and we're testing it out. The stuff is cherry! If you have tried JTs, you wouldn't even THINK of using anything less. I saw this stuff smoke like a charm in Lionel diesels. I'll be posting a review of it on my site in a few days... The All Gauge Model Railroading Page at Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders *******************************************************************************************************

JTs has an awesome assortment of scents. Nice stuff, too. My wife has already stated, on seeing the bottles, that she will be most perturbed if I use the coal smoke in the living room. She then mused that it is amazing how every time we go to visit the Pine Creek RR, I come back smelling like Mr. Coal Smoke. *******************************************************************************************************

I received my order of JTs scented smoke fluid this past week. I highly recommend it and yes, I have tried most of the others in different brands of locomotives. Eric H. *******************************************************************************************************

I have used JT's since the beginning of last December, and will use nothing else. My first order of it off Ebay was for one of each of the 3 scents he had available at the time(original, vanilla, and candy cane), and was very satisfied with. I recently placed an order for the coal and wood scents. The coal stunk realistically and the wood smoke is now my favorite smoke scent with the exception of original formula Gilbert Cedar scented. Frankfort, KY *******************************************************************************************************